This New Tesla Coil is the Future of Electricity

In 1891, Nikola Tesla stunned the scientific community by inventing a device that could transmit electricity through the air. This breakthrough device could power lightbulbs and electric motors wirelessly, at a distance of a few feet. People were in awe. A brilliant and eccentric genius, Tesla’s lifelong dream was to bring wireless power to every home in the world… And he had just proved it was possible. Tesla kept working on the device, and eight years later, in 1899, he was able to light three incandescent lamps at a distance of about 100 feet… without wires. Unfortunately, his experiments came to a premature end. Even though his technology was incredible, the device was impractical, inefficient, and expensive. So nobody used it. Sadly, when Tesla died in 1943, his dream died with him. But now, 75 years after his death, Tesla’s dream has been resurrected in an incredible way. A brilliant scientist recently invented a new and improved wireless power device. Just like Tesla’s device, it can transmit power through the air… But unlike Tesla’s device (thanks to far superior science), this one is practical, efficient, and inexpensive. And the things it can do will amaze you. For example, it can charge your smartphone wirelessly and automatically, as soon as you step into range of the transmitter… even if your phone is in your pocket, purse, or backpack. You’ll never have to worry about your phone dying again. And this technology is not limited to just smartphones. It can charge almost any small electronic device at a distance, without wires. The Washington Times says the technology behind the device “will change the world on a scale hardly seen in human history.” David Pogue, the award-winning tech journalist from Scientific American, says, “We’re looking at the future of technology.” Even the late famed scientist Stephen Hawking, the most brilliant mind of our generation, was so amazed by this technology he simply said, “It’s about to change your life.” This new device recently received FCC approval, and the manufacturing phase is about to begin. And because this technology has the potential to be used in almost every home in America, the rollout is expected to be massive. According to Allied Market Research, the market could hit $37.2 billion in just the next few years alone. And once this new technology gets incorporated into hotels, restaurants, airports, coffee shops, and even entire cities… it could be a trillion-dollar business. In fact, China already has plans to introduce the technology into Shenzhen, a huge metropolis of 11 million people. Because this device is the only one of its kind approved for sale by the FCC, the company that invented it stands to see astronomical growth in a very short period of time. Investors who get in before the rollout stand to become very rich. Click here for more information on this breakthrough new technology, and to discover how you can profit from the coming wireless electricity revolution.

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